Choiix Boom Boom Portable Speaker

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Introduction to the Choiix BoomBoom Speaker

I am fast becoming a big fan of Coolermaster’s Choiix line. Choiix have been producing quite a few items that make life of the portable user easier. We have seen a full line of laptop coolers and pads, hard drive enclosures, mice and even portable power. A few of which we have reviewed here on Pro-Clockers. And never a shortage of reviewing products from Choiix we have another one for you.

The latest Choiix product comes in the form of audio. The Boom Boom is a small flat compact speaker that will make the users of netbooks and other portable laptops very happy. The Boom Boom isn't here to replace the multi-channel speaker system but to provide for decent audio playback and to be portable. Making transporting it from place to place easy and hassle –free.

Choiix’s take on the BoomBoom Speaker

Choiix, a subdivision of Cooler Master, introduces the new Choiix Boom Boom speaker. It is cleverly designed, compact, and USB-powered external speaker accessory that enables a user to take control of their laptop sound experience by providing a fuller, richer, and room-filling sound. It is entirely plug and play with no software required to function. The Choiix Boom Boom speaker can also be paired with our Choiix Power Fort, or any device that provides USB power, to function as an on-the-go external speaker for mp3 players, phones, and any other audio device with a 3.5mm audio jack. Black and white versions of the Choiix Boom Boom will be available in U.S. markets.  MSRP $24.99.”




160 L x 90 D x 12 T mm
(6.3 L x 3.54 D x 0.47 T inch)




115g (0.25 lbs)




4 x high sensitive drivers




2W X 2 Channel
(Total 4W output)


Power Indicator:


Blue LED


Input Power:


5V DC (via mini USB)


Audio input:


3.5mm audio cable



Ultra slim design with storable cord for convenient portability


High gloss finish has a clean appearance and elegant feel


Four integrated highly-sensitive drivers and amplifier provide impressive sound quality and volume


Rich and clear sound for your music, movies and teleconference calls


Protective speaker lid doubles as a speaker stand


Standard 3.5 mm audio cable makes it easy to connect to any audio device


Plug and Play – no software required


Powered by USB

Closer look

To begin the Boom Boom speaker system isn’t going to blow out your ear drum. But it will allow for very good audio playback from your MP3 player or even laptop. If you are familiar with products coming from Choiix you will know that a large majority items are user friendly, easy to transport and simply visually appealing. And the Boom Boom is no different.  The complete speaker is less than a ½ think and less than a ¼ pound. How is that for portability?

The Boom Boom comes in two flavors which are black and white. Two of the most common colors for small portable devices these days. It requires no drivers or software applications in order to get it up and running. Connection to your device comes in the form of a single 3.5mm mini audio jack. What is nice is the mini jack fits comfortably in a channel that is surrounding the outside of the Boom Boom. Power is provided through a mini –USB port located on the side of the speaker.

Spreading the top from the bottom exposes a nice mesh covering. Underneath the mesh are four small drivers. The drivers are split into two channels and deliver four watts of total power.  Just enough power to provide a decent listening experience while sitting at their workstation or loud enough to heard while at the beach working on a tan.


During the few weeks I have had the Boom Boom setup I tested it on a few different PC systems.  The first was my wife’s Lenovo netbook. I only used this setup to listen to some music from your iTunes library. Music playback through this source was very decent. The highs were great while the mids were a little less than great but very pleasurable. The highs didn’t come in as well as I would like but honestly I wasn’t expecting too much from four small drivers. The drivers didn’t crackle when it came to the low it just didn’t reproduce them. This kept the listening pleasure pretty good better than the stock speakers.

Next, we connected the Boom Boom to my Sony F-series laptop with blu-ray. Testing here consisted of playing next week’s latest release Cop Out with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. Decent movie. The playback was once again pretty good. The movie has some rap songs as well as rock music both sounded okay on the Boom Boom.

The last PC I tested the Boom Boom on was my gaming rig. And the experience was the same as the setups above. But I don’t see many people using a speaker system like this on a desktop as they do not compare to a decent 2.1 or higher audio system.


Overall the Choiix Boom Boom portable speaker does exactly what it was made to do. And that is to give the user a decent amount of audio playback. If you are a netbook user and wish to listen to your favorite songs you will find that the Boom Boom is way better than that of the netbook. They are louder and clearer. And if you looking at your favorite video on YouTube you can allow others around to hear as well. I found it difficult with the netbook speakers.

But depending on what type of music you listen to you may find the low range tones to be a little less pleasing as it is difficult for the small drivers to reproduce them. But we didn’t expect the Boom Boom to drop bass like a eight inch woofer from the beginning.

The Boom Boom is great for those that like to move around as they are easy to pack up and take with you. Business traveler in a hotel or spending the afternoon on the beach you may find the Boom Boom useful.

And at $25 not too bad as you can get a lot of use from them.