Arctic Sound P321 Headphones

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Introduction to the Arctic Sound P321 Headphones

I got an email from my boss the other day asking me if I’d like to review some headphones from Artic Cooling.  I’ve seen and used quite a few of their products over the years, mainly their awesome coolers, but had never realized they even had an audio side.  I emailed him back as quickly as I could, I wanted to see if they put as much R & D into audio as they had in what I’d come to expect from their extensive line of do it yourself pc parts.

I have always thought that audio is one area that I could scrimp and save a few bucks on.  I mean who needs to high fidelity if you have an awesome video card that will show you the perfect shadow cast by a waving blade of grass as you drive over it with your uber tank of carnage. Since I tend to play a lot of shooters such as Counter Strike, Battlefield, Call of Duty and Half-Life where the sounds of someone approaching mean you have a better chance of survival (if your fast twitch skills are up to it), you would have thought that audio would be closer to the top of my list of must have’s.  It wasn’t!   

Most of my time on the PC nowadays is spent NOT gaming!  Sad I know, I spend more time doing homework, socializing, voice chat/Google voice phone calls, listening to music and watching HULU reruns of shows I forgot to TiVo.  So I find myself needing something like the P321 to fill all those roles, not something like the $300+ Psyko 5.1 gaming headphones which are awesome for gaming, but not for all the rest.

Arctic Cooling’s take on the P321 Headphones

ARCTIC SOUND P321 is designed for enjoyment and pleasure. It features a high-fidelity driver to ensure minimal amount of noise and distortion while maintaining an accurate frequency response at the same time.