Arctic Sound P311 Headphones

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Introduction to the Arctic Sound P311 Headphones

As Big Brother cracks down on cell phone usage while driving, along with their claims that texting and driving is hazardous to everyone else on the road, I’ve started to look into Bluetooth options. Specifically something that I can use with both my phone and iPod. I’ve tried the little earpieces over the years, but the sound quality for music isn’t there. I gave the wired ear buds with a mic a try, but the wires always got in the way or got tangled up in my pocket. So when I saw that ARCTIC Sound had the P311 available I thought I would give them a try.

Arctic Cooling’s take on the P311 Headphones

The ARCTIC Sound P311 is a wireless headset that complements virtually any electronic devices that support Bluetooth wireless technology, such as laptops, mobile phones or music players.  The ARCTIC Sound P311 possesses clean hardware design, yet maintaining functionality at the same time.