Thermaltake Tt eSports Shock Spin Gaming Headset

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Introduction to the Thermaltake Tt eSports Shock Spin Gaming Headset

There are tons of articles around the web talking about how PC gaming is dying. But I see evidence of the opposite. First, check out how well PC games are selling, look at COD-MW3, Battlefield 3 and Skyrim. All of which has made their developers millions. And something else I see to defend my thought and that is the fact every component manufacturer has started a eSport or gaming line of products.

Thermaltake is one of those companies that has ventured in the eSport business and did it in a major way. Tt eSports has more products in its ranks than most company’s entire catalog. We recently received a box contains three products from Tt eSports and we will be reviewing each in detail starting with the Shock Spin gaming headset.

Thermaltake’s take on the Shock Spin

Today, Tt eSPORTS is offering a new addition to the SHOCK gaming headset range in the form of the Spin HD. The new SHOCK Spin HD features exciting 7.1 Virtual surround sound to improve the quality that you get from the 50mm Speakers inside the headset.

The SHOCK Spin HD comes in three sections, the Spin headset, the clip on microphone and the USB sound adapter which allows the headset to be used with ease anywhere by simply plugging it in to a PC or Laptop and your ready to go!!

If you are currently using onboard sound and wanting to improve your in-game sounds, music and movie watching quality, the SHOCK Spin HD is the perfect companion as you can use the 7.1 Virtual Surround sound and set the sound configuration mode to the environment.

Tt eSPORTS are excited that the SHOCK Spin HD will give everyone everything they want from a great gaming, entertainment and music headset in terms of sound quality, comfort and features as the SHOCK Spin HD offers everything required depending on what you are looking for from your headset.