Thermaltake Tt eSports Shock Spin Gaming Headset

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Testing and Conclusion

The Thermaltake Shock Spin is a nice set of headphones to have around when the time comes to get into battle. While playing several rounds of COD-MW3 and various other games within the same genre. It’s nice to be able to hear the little extras that you normally when not using a headset or a cheap set of headsets. A sound like footsteps and incoming projectiles does add more excitement to the gaming experience.

Using the Shock Spin for music audio was also pretty good. The highs and mids are without a doubt reproduced to the level of a more expensive headset. The reproductions of lows were pleasant but not the best I have heard. As it had some troubles with really low drum beats. But we can’t beat up on the Shock Spin too much because this is a problem a lot of headphones have. Lows that were produced were comfortable largely due to the size of the ear pads.

One of the best features of the Thermaltake Shock Spin is its comfortable. The over-sized ear pads feels so good one the ears. And the self-adjusting band that seats atop the head did not feel tight at all. Actually after I had the Shock Spin on for about an hour I forgot they were there.

The styling and looks of the Shock Spin is also a plus. They are very modern looking. And they can be used with any device that has a 3.5mm jack not just your PC.

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