Thermaltake V3 Black Budget Case

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Introduction to the Thermaltake V3 Black Edition

Normally, when you see cases on the pages of Pro-Clockers, they range from budget to extreme. So far the price of a budget case on this site has been about $60 or so. From this point up to $100 is the range that most of our readers are looking at. Anything above that for one would be too expensive. Those below this price would lack the visually characteristics we like. Many times, they would lack features we want. Well, it looks as if things are changing.

There are a couple of companies building cases that will not break the bank. Antec has their Two Hundred, Coolermaster has their Centurion and NZXT even has the Beta. These are all pretty good cases for the price, but Thermaltake is about to one-up them with their new low budget offering.

Thermaltake has recently released the V3 Black Edition. The press release was listed on many hardware sites. And from the P.R. there was two facts that stood out. The first was the price. The V3 Black, a mid size tower, can be had for a mere $39.99. This is pennies compared to many other cases on the market. The second fact: the V3 Black has a completely black painted interior. This is unheard of in low dollar cases. Leave it to Thermaltake to be the first. But is this all the V3 Black has to offer.

Thermaltake on the V3 Black Edition

Thermaltake, leading DIY chassis brand, launches the newest mid-tower PC case in their V-Series for value-conscious users. The Thermaltake V3 Black Edition comes in an entirely black coating from the inside to the outside, lending it stylish looks and a degree of individuality. A transparent window at the back end of the left side panel allows for a look inside the case. This way the brilliant blue beams of the pre installed 120 mm rear exhaust-fan can emanate in a black-bluish array. A perforated black mesh front panel offers optimized airflow and a sleek design.