Aerocool Qx-2000 SFF Case

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Introduction to the Aerocool Qx-2000

There are some pretty microATX motherboards out there. Lets see we have a few from ASUS, DFI, ECS, MSI and even Gigabyte is about to release a couple. And many of us choose this size motherboard for a reason. Size. Not even one's dream PC consist of an oversized case. And not everyone have to room or space to place huge boxes.

Case manufacturers are starting to realize this and are producting more and more microATX or small form factor cases. We have reviewed a couple here at Pro-Clockers from B-gears, Thermaltake, Silverstone and Aerocool. Each of the models we have tested have being aimed at a select individuals. But each of them does have a few things in common each would be standard size PSU support, decent support for today's mid-range graphic adapter and pretty decent area to work in.

But the latter of the companies I listed is at it again with a new small form factor case that looks to be aimed at the gamer in us. The Qx-2000 is said to be one of the best gaming SFF on the market says Aerocool. It brings good looks, good cooling and a dual level internal chambers for better heat separation. If all this is true the Qx-2000 is indeed posed to be a major player in the SFF era.

Aerocool take on the Qx-2000

Aerocool is proud to announce our first "Cube" case (Model - Qx-2000) under the PGS-Q Series (Compact Series - Blue Label).

Qx-2000 is one of the best "Cube" case in the market today. Its savage good looks will impress you. It is a TRUE gaming cube case which offers high versatility, expandability, transportability and performance.

The Qx-2000 has an unique "Double Decker" chassis structure which isolates excessive heat producing components from the rest of the system. This unique structure also created more space inside the chassis to support high end components such as Long Graphic cards (up to 300mm) and standard ATX PSUs.

The Qx-2000 comes with 4 fans to maximize airflow inside the chassis. The front 12cm in-take fan (included) will bring lots of cool air into your system. The back 8cm exhaust fans (up to 3 units - optional) will pump out the hot air from your system. The in-built 3 step fan controller give users the option to set the fan speed to "low", "medium" and "high".

Impress your opponents and friends with Aerocool's NEW Gaming Cube case - Qx-2000 !!