Aerocool PGS Vs-9 Value Mid Tower

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Introduction to the Aerocool PGS V Series Vs-9

So often I read forum post about how small or big percentage gaming is to the PC community, but you cannot deny the constant flow of gaming equipment coming to market. Every day we see more and more joysticks, games themselves, high-end video cards and other components coming to market. So, I won’t argue the fact the gaming industry is small or large but it is big enough for manufacturers to produce a nice flow of devices coming to market.

Gaming cases have been the rage of late. We have seen many different companies open gaming divisions. Coolermaster has done it. Lian Li has done it. Many have decided to not open another division but develop more cases for the gaming community. Thermaltake, NZXT, Raidmax and Antec to name a couple. However the cases get the market we potential to make money is there.

Our next review sample today is from a company that pretty much was in the gaming case market from the very beginning. Aerocool first came to market with cases like the AeroEngine series. Equipment with the largest fans we had ever seen at that time. Just another trend that Aerocool help to start.

Aerocool like some of the other opened up the segment with another series of entitled PGS. PGS actually is comprised of five different series: professional, aluminum, compact and for the gamers: value and ultimate gaming. As you can tell from the names each are aimed at different audiences. We will be talking about a model that is from the Value series, the Vs-9. The Vs-9 follows the ever growing mesh front panel trend. Offering just the right amount of gaming appearance and just enough sleek lines for the professional the Vs-9 has the able to satisfy a multitude of individuals.