NZXT Vulcan Micro ATX Gaming Case

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Introduction to the NZXT Vulcan

NZXT has been a few big hits with cases since their introduction in 2004. Those hits would include the likes of the Beta, Rogue, Lexa, Panzerbox and a few others. The designers at NZXT have taken it upon themselves to put out some quality cases over the past six years. Not one to try and fill the market with crap. As mentioned above the Panzerbox was one of the latest breakthrough cases for NZXT. It gave the people wanting smaller cases just enough space to house all their components. And the quality was second to none. The case was made of aluminum and built like a tank. And at the same time looked good.

NZXT is at it again with a new smaller stature case in the Vulcan. Not made of aluminum like the Panzerbox but steel the NZXT gives the end-user the same quality more less dollars and not give up an inch of space.  Standing fifteen inches tall and being sixteen, the Vulcan allows you to have that ultimate LAN box. You cannot have the ultimate LAN box without having a high-end GPU. Well the Vulcan can accommodate video cards as long as the Radeon HD 5970.

NZXT Take on the Vulcan

Introducing NZXT’s new VULCAN Micro ATX gaming case, the ideal bring-your-own-computer option for professional gaming LAN parties. The Vulcan maximizes power in a compact 16” x 7” x 16.6” body, which is approximately 40% smaller than the typical super full tower. Indulge in the ample space that includes advanced cooling capabilities with 2 x 120mm (one included), 1 x 200mm, 1 x 80mm, a front 120mm intake fan (included), and more space to fit up to two 350mm cards in SLI and Crossfire configurations. The durable non-slip top handle and anti-vibration rubber support idealizes portability, enabling you to easily transport your ultimate gaming machine anywhere.