Lian Li PC-Q06 ITX Test Bench in Red

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Introduction to the Lian Li PC-Q06 ITX Test Bench

As you our keen readers have undoubtedly noticed, lately there has been a multitude of high performance ITX motherboards hitting the market. Zotac pretty much started the trend, but Gigabyte has taken it to another level with the H55N-USB3, which turned out to be an overclocking monster! Yet when it came down to installing it in either my Microcool or Sunbeamtech test benches, their large size seemed to just swallow up that ITX platform.

We have a brand new tech bench here at Pro-Clocks that is solely for testing ITX motherboards, and it comes in the form of the PC-Q06 from Lian Li. The Q06 is a semi-open test bench that right out of the box is meant for ITX motherboards, but it can also be expanded to larger ATX format with an optional tray. The Q06 has all the wow  factor like many of the other cases we've seen from Lian Li, and that is thanks to their high quality aluminum structures and superior styling.

Lian Li's take on the PC-Q06

“The dimensions of PC-Q06 series stand at 205 x 210 x 250mm (W.H.D) at only 1.2kg weight.  The hairline-brushed, all aluminum mini-tower chassis supports mini-ITX motherboards on the top, with optional ATX or mini-ATX motherboard tray.  It includes holders for two PCI brackets to support heavy graphic cards mounted.  The PC-Q06 case body has place for one standard 5.25” optical drive, one standard 3.5” hard drive, one standard ATX PS/2 power supply unit, and features two USB3.0 and HDA audio ports on the front.  The PC-Q06 series is available in red, black and silver colors.”