Lian Li PC-8FI Mid Tower

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Introduction to the Lian Li PC-8FI

When many of us hear the name Lian Li a few words come immediately to mind: aluminum, excellence and stylish. Well, that is what comes to my mind at least. Lian Li has been around for a very long time and since the being they have given people a quality product.

It is that quality and excellence which Lian Li has always prided themselves on. A lot of us know Lian Li for their cases, but they have ventured into the likes of power supplies, fan controllers, storage boxes and even office furniture. No we get to review another fine case from them, as that is what got them to this point, and we can’t get enough of reviewing them.

Today we will be reviewing the new Lian Li PC-8FI mid tower. The 8FI is a simple case (at least by Lian Li standards) which is made entirely from aluminum, like all of their cases. The 8FI is light-weight, tool-less and full of the features that we see in their higher-dollar cases. We will be taking a look at the black model, but two other colors are offered as well: a silver or red "spider edition" model. The black and silver models will set you back about $130, with the spider edition running approximately $190.