Lian Li PC-V354 Aluminum SFF Case

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Introduction to the Lian Li PC-V354 Aluminum SFF Case

It seems that every time we turn around Lian Li is launching something new. When I see a new press release from them in my inbox I can’t wait to open it. As I go about reading it, with every sentence I drool a little bit more. Lian Li has a habit of releasing some of the most beautiful cases in the DIY computing industry, and never seem to sacrifice function in the process. Behind the beauty is a high quality and well manufacturer product, just like the one we are reviewing here today.

Our latest case here on the bench comes to us from Lian Li and is the PC-V354R. The V354R is a small form factor case that supports everything an avid LAN-goer needs in a portable gaming rig. Able to accommodate a powerhouse of a graphics card and the power supply to match it, the V354R is certainly in a league of many, but a class of few.