Corsair Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Case

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Introduction to the Corsair 600T

For many of us we know Corsair as the top manufacturer of PC memory. Corsair have long been the name most mentioned when it comes to getting memory that is stable, take the Value and the XMS series for instance. For those that like to overclock then there is almost no better kit than the Dominator line to satisfy that desire.

However, adding to their representation of dominating ram, over the past few years Corsair have been tops in other categories as well. Their ‘F’ series solid state drives have been selling like hotcakes, and if you are in need of a power supply the ‘HX’ series was top notch, which they've replaced with the superior ‘AX’ line.

Yes, the list goes on but unfortunately we just don’t have that much room. Although given this is a case review, we will quickly hit on Corsair’s ventures in case manufacturing. Their first case to come to market was the 800D. The case went through months and months of development before it saw the light of day. Once released the case was very well received, with a feature set that could not be touched by most on the market. The only thing about the 800D that threw some off was its size as it was a full sized tower, which meant it was quite tall.

Then came the 600T. It was aimed at the individual that was looking for a smaller case, but still had many of the features of a bigger case like the 800D. What few features it did lack due to the size difference, what the 600T has that the 800D does not is a more stylish and elegant front bezel, not as simplistic as the front bezel of the 800D.

Corsair’s take on the 600T

The Graphite Series™ 600T makes it easy to build a world-class gaming system. With excellent cooling from the dual 200mm fans, eight PCI-E expansion slots to accommodate multiple graphics cards, and plenty of room for large, power-hungry components, the Graphite Series 600T can handle just about anything you can throw at it.