In Win Dragon Rider Full Tower

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Introduction to the In Win Dragon Rider Full Tower

A month or so ago we contacted the In Win corporation, which started a nice relationship between Pro-Clockers and the company, as well as the representative we deal with. Afterwords, we were soon graced with the Dragon Slayer mATX Gaming Tower. Aiming itself at gamers by providing more than enough interior space to house all the necessary components needed to make a solid gaming rig. It has ample space for both the the HD6970 or GTX 580, as well as the power supply needed to run them. No matter how well designed the Dragon Slayer is, the fact still remains that it is an mATX chassis, which means it is small any way you slice it. However, many of you are not into small cases. So where do we turn?

Building on the success and styling of the Dragon Slayer mATX case, In Win has manufactured the Dragon Rider. Coming in at a much larger size than the Slayer, the Dragon Rider is a full size tower case which, once again, is aimed at gamers. Specifically, it is for any gamers that are looking to build a power multi-GPU, or even water-cooled setup. The "dragon armor" look may appeal to many of you (us included), but it was the long list of feature that really won us over. Jam packed with fans, tool-less options and a warehouse worth of space, the Dragon Rider is right there with the HAF Series from Coolermaster or Antec's Dark Fleet.

In Win's take on the Dragon Rider

With elegance, power and control firmly in its grasp, the Dragon Rider is designed to protect and cool even the most demanding of components. Enveloped totally in black, the dark design is only punctuated with bolts of striking yellow to create a subtle but distinct appearance. The unique side panel shield design creates the necessary space for tidy cable routing and multiple fan mounting points for up to 11x 120mm fans make it the ultimate chassis for cooling customization. Pre-fitted with a large 220mm side fan for effective graphics card cooling, the Dragon Rider also features additional front, top and rear fans for fantastic cooling potential. With the latest eSATA and USB 3.0 front panel ports, a back-supported CPU cooler removal hole, anti-vibration hard drive rails and tool-free installation, the large E-ATX Dragon Rider is packed with the latest enthusiast-class case features.