Antec Six Hundred V2 Mid Gaming Case

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Introduction to the Antec Six Hundred V2 Mid Gaming Case

When it comes to creating a gaming chassis it seems that the goal is to be as different or unique as possible, while still remaining efficient and functional. Yet, at the same time you have the make the chassis appeal to the buyer as well. We have seen many gaming cases pass across the test-bench here at Pro-Clockers, and they all seem to have those small differences that matter.

Antec, a grand manufacturer that has been in the DIY case market for some time, and is one of those top producers of gaming cases. Proof of that is Antec is celebrating their 25th year of being in business, and Pro-Clockers salute you for this feat! This great achievement aside, when it comes to making cases which looking like no other, Antec take the cake. Just look at the very unique LanBoy series, the very wild open-air Skeleton tech benches, or the extreme looks of the Dark Fleet models (which we had the honor of reviewing one). Antec shows no signs of stopping and is looking to keep these changes coming.

Today we get to take a detailed look at another new case of Antec's, one that is based around a great selling previous model, which this one will no doubt continue that success. The previous model we are talking about is the original Six Hundred case, a winner due mostly to its unique top panel and aggressive front bezel, a style that was something many of us have never seen in a gaming case before. But now, Antec figures that they could improve on that uniqueness even more by re-releasing the case under the Six Hundred V2 badge, and kicking in some nice features as well; typically found on their higher end models.

The differences are not readily apparent to most, at least visually from the front, as you have to venture to the top panel in order to see one of the additions made to this case. So follow on to the next few pages and we will fill you in on what all this Six Hundred V2 has in store for you!

Antec’s take on the Six Hundred V2

The Six Hundred is designed for gaming purists. With new features like a built-in 2.5" hot swap hard drive caddy and CPU cutout, the Six Hundred delivers both the flash and the core essentials, including a hard-hitting cooling system with a 200 mm overhead TriCool™ blue LED fan. The Six Hundred is pure, simple gaming design at its finest.