In Win BUC Gaming Computer Chassis

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Introduction to the In Win BUC Gaming Computer Chassis

In Win has being producing cases for some time now, but it seems they have hit their stride as of late, gracing us with the likes of the Dragon Rider and Dragon Slayer. Both are great cases and ideal for whatever you intend on using them for. Looking for a smaller gaming rig or an all out multi-GPU system that would make the neighbor’s kid jealous, In Win seems to have you covered.

In Win shows no signs of stopping either, as they have recently released another gaming case. The new BUC has very little similarity in terms of the looks of the two Dragon models mentioned, but nevertheless a look we feel a lot of gamers and enthusiasts will be drawn to. Being bigger than the Slayer but smaller than the Rider, the BUC offers several tool-less features and plenty room to build a nice gaming rig within.

In Win’s take on the BUC

Built with a strong “shield” concept at heart, the BUC's core is echoed across its front panel design, in strong SECC steel construction and a hard-wearing and stylish black interior and exterior. With the clever EZ-swap HDD drive bay and a lockable door, it allows access to three HDD without having to remove the whole side panel, while the tool-less, vibration reducing drive bays complete the package to yield a triple innovation from In-Win. The convenient Super-speed USB 3.0, USB 2.0, audio and eSATA ports on the top of the chassis allows users to easily connect headsets, cameras, cell phones, external hard drives and a wealth of other devices with ease. Finally, two integrated 120mm and several extra fan positions give it excellent cooling potential for all the latest performance hardware as well. With core design innovations, support for the latest PC hardware and a high quality of construction, the In-Win BUC PC chassis is a great choice for PC builders worldwide.