Sentey GS-6400R Arvina Extreme Division Computer Case

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Introduction to the Sentey GS-6400R Arvina Extreme Division Computer Case

In the beginning, computers didn't have cases... they had whole rooms, sometimes even buildings. Fast forward a couple decades to the advent of the Personal Computer and things started to bare resemblance to the more recognizable systems, all thanks to the invention of the microprocessor. It wasn't until around the mid-90s when we started seeing cases that you could buy off the shelf and build your own system in. From there we were introduced to the tower design and it's many variants, which over the course of the years has spawned even more variants of many shapes and sizes. While the majority will fit almost all the components available to us DIY builders, that doesn't mean they all will fit the roll we intend for that system in question.

The Full-Tower chassis size may not be the biggest case a person could buy, it is definitely the biggest of the "desktop" models. Gamers generally find this the most suited for their configuration, thanks to the greater interior space offered for all the components, which also leads to better internal airflow for lower temperatures. Go to any online or brick and mortar computer store and you'll find a vast array of choices to pick between, from a multitude of different manufacturers. All of which are trying to win you as a customer by offering up models in different styles, colors and coming with a laundry list of features.

Sentey is a manufacturer who happens to offer a range of cases aimed at doing just that, winning your choice through design and features. If that name isn't familiar to you however, don't feel bad as they were an unknown to us as well. While they've been in the case scene for awhile now, it was mostly outside North America and less focused on the type of computing enthusiast that me and you are. As of more recently is it that Sentey has decided to expand their horizons, and seem to have made a decent impression in the short time. We have a couple models to show you from them, but today's focus is on their GS-6400R Arvina model, which comes from their Extreme Division line of cases. It offers a bold look, plenty of features and is hoping to win you over by offering them all in one case. So lets find out what it comes packing and if it managed to win us over!

Sentey's take on the GS-6400R Arvina

What makes a case better than another? Design? Performance? These are two Key concepts that are present in the Extreme Division for hours of gaming.

The Sentey Arvina PC Chassis comes in three colors: black, red, and blue. Features a state-of-the-art ventilation system for what Sentey considers extreme cooling performance. The Sentey Arvina comes with six cooling fans with three of them positioned to ensure proper air flow inwards, while the remaining three are to remove the hot air produced by different components of the system. All of the cooling fans come equipped with color LED lights and it gives the Arvina a clean, crisp and modern look thanks to the all black interior. The Sentey Arvina GS-6400 PC case is backed by a limited one year warranty, which is on par with the warranty that comes on other cases.