SilverStone Raven RV03 Enthusiast Tower

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Introduction to the SilverStone Raven RV03 Enthusiast Tower

About two years ago I got a chance to see the SilverStone RV02 for the first time, at CES in Las Vegas. After Tony Ou from SilverStone gave us a detailed tour of the case, I knew right then: "I have to review it!" The original Raven (RV01) was the first case we ever saw that turned the motherboard 90° from normal. Many upon first seeing it thought it was just a gimmick, but after reviews started to surface everyone realized the gimmick turned out to be one of the best cases for air circulation and ventilation. The RV02 and RV02-E took it a step further by now mounting the motherboard on the opposite side of the case, as well as changing the over all look.The 'E' model added SilverStone's own custom designed 180mm "Air Penetrator" fans to further enhance cooling.

Yes, versions 1 and 2 of the Raven had very unique external styling, which for me took some getting used to, but if you were not one who cared for its looks then SilverStone had an answer to that. The first Fortress did not have the rotated motherboard tray but version 2 did, baring that classic look that SilverStone was known for. It was what many of us were waiting on.

Now SilverStone has released a new case to the market, the Raven RV03, which sticks with its predecessors 90° motherboard mounting and advancements in design. With the RV03 SilverStone retained much of the styling from the RV02, but made it to be not as long,  which eliminates some problems of its older brethren. Most notably would be the issue of where to stick it, since the length of the -01 and -02 models made it stick out from under your desk if on the floor, or hang over the edge if put on top of the desk. So with out further adieu, lets get this show started!

SilverStone’s take on the Raven

The RAVEN team’s continued push to redefine and perfect the enthusiast tower chassis has resulted in yet another benchmark in the RAVEN RV03. With world-class cooling performance from the previous RAVEN chassis models retained by the included 180mm Air Penetrator fans, a rethinking of the interior layout enabled dramatic reduction in overall depth of the chassis compared to RAVEN RV02 while still matching RAVEN RV01’s ability to accommodate Extended ATX motherboard and graphics cards longer than 13 inches. Cable management was also improved with a new 5cm thick hard drive compartment to allow nearly all cables to be connected behind the motherboard tray with ease. An unconventional power supply compartment located in the lower front part of the chassis further add to facilitate cable routing so anyone can assemble a pristine looking system with maximum airflow efficiency.

Complementing the finely tuned and engineered interior, the RV03 has Champaign colored trimmings adorning an exterior with aggressive lines yet reserved profile. The stand out styling also fully utilizes the chassis’s powerful cooling ability to full effect by a set of smartly designed, dual-purpose front bezels that helps to keep the RV03 looking sharp and uniform whether the user is setting up for maximum air cooling or for a silencing build.

As a trend-setter and a computer chassis engineering showcase, the RAVEN RV03 has few equals. However, its advanced features are equally accessible that anyone from experienced enthusiasts to novice users will find easy to appreciate and utilize, making RV03 the most appealing RAVEN chassis yet!