Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra PC Tower

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Introduction to the Cooler Master Cosmos II PC Tower

When we talk about the Cooler Master Cosmos, we instantly think a classic. The Cosmos is one of the best sold cases from Cooler Master. It was offered in several different variations like the: S, 1000, the blacked-out Pure and the CSX. But no matter which one caught your eye, you would have one hell of a case. Everyone from the gamer to the professional to the enthusiast was picking up this case. It was large, it looked good and it was fairly easy to work with.

The consumer segment that I found most interesting was the water-cooling crowd. If you were to take the time and look through some of the water-cooling galleries on the larger forums you will find some of the best looking builds were done in this case. With little modding you can house a complete water-cooled setup internally but with vast modding skills you could do even more with this dream case.

But like any other product offered to the consumer it was discounted. And if you are a CM fan boy and wanted a large case your choice was the CM Stacker until the HAX series was released. But now it is back and better than ever. Cooler Master has announced the Cosmos II and if you thought the original was big you have to check this one out. The original Cosmos measure 23.5” and this new beauty measures just over 4” taller at 27.7”. Size isn’t the only feature that the new Cosmos II has over the original. We be damned if you think we are going to spill all the goodies in the introduction. Read on.

Cooler Master’s take on the Cosmos II

The Cosmos II is the first ultra tower to market. It represents the ultimate in size, styling, and available configuration options for internal setup. Cosmos II maintains its namesake styling while giving it a more refined and elegant super car appeal. It is the pinnacle of case development in terms of aesthetics, function, and available features. This is shown in its full dust filter coverage, a fan controller, two external drive hot-swap X-docks, modular hard drive cages, water-cooling support, access to the best cable management techniques, and system configuration support. These features give Cosmos II the ability to support any system setup with ease. It is positioned to appeal to the high-end enthusiast computer builder market as the ultimate solution for the best system setups.