AZZA Fusion 3000 Full Size PC Case

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Introduction to the AZZA Fusion 3000 Full PC Tower

If you are a regular reader of Pro-Clockers, you will know who and what AZZA are all about. We have reviewed several of their cases over the years. There was the Toledo 301, Hurrican 2000 and the Solano 1000R just to name a couple. Their cases are geared towards enthusiasts and gamers for the most part, but can easily fit the many people in between as well.

Often AZZA provide a better priced alternative to similar cases from the same class that are offered by the competition. The Solano 1000R was one of our favorites as it was a direct competitor to the Antec 900. It offers great cooling, ample amounts of room, and to top it off had a killer red interior which was a break from the all-black trend that was in full swing.

AZZA have recently released two more cases that are sure to get a lot of attention. One of them being the Fusion 4000 which is a full sized tower that is not only capable of housing the ultimate gaming rig, but also a lower power general-usage rig, all at the same time. The under portion of the case is just enough to house an ITX rig. While the Fusion 4000 is not today's review sample, we hope to be able to bring that to you sometime in the future.

However, what we are getting to take a look at today is the smaller sibling of the aforementioned model, this one being called the Fusion 3000. The major difference between these two is that ability to house an ITX system and overall height, something the 3000-model is lacking. The Fusion 3000 is is still large enough to house everything anyone would want in a rig though. From over-sized video cards, 3x120mm water-cooling radiators and XL-ATX motherboards; few can make this tall a claim.

AZZA’s take on the Fusion 3000

With easy swap assembly throughout and maximum capability to house today’s longest and hottest components, AZZA Fusion 3000 is truly a towering chassis designed and built for the modern day gamers.