Silverstone SUGO SG08 mini-ITX Case

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Introduction to the Silverstone SUGO SG08 ITX Case

Silverstone has being at the small form factor business for some time. You can’t have a conversation about SFF builds without mentioned them. I personally have built numerous systems with their small size case as they are easier to work with than some of the others. And the quality of build is top in class. Granted most of these systems have been small personal computers for people or some sort of HTPC. Yes, they look great in the family room. But what if you are a gamer and want a small rig for LAN transporting. That is the subject of our next review.

Yes, Silverstone has cases like the SG05 (SG06) but they can only support a GPU up to nine inches. And you also have the SG07, which can house much longer cards. But Silverstone isn’t one to leave customers without options. Their newest SFF casing is called the SG08. The SG08 can support a GPU up to 12.2 inches long which would include the Nvidia GTX 580. And there is no need to look for a power supply as the SG08 comes with a 600 watt power unit.

Silverstone’s take on the SG08

To further increase the appeal of the groundbreaking Sugo SG07, SilverStone engineers crafted a follow-up version in the SG08. For the first time in a SilverStone product and likely also the first for Mini-ITX, a 1cm (0.4 inch) thick extruded aluminum was used to adorn the front panel of a chassis. Finished with fine brush surface and anodized, the SG08’s front panel rivals the best home theater equipment in quality and style. The award winning and proven features from the SG07 remain such as the Air Penetrator AP181 fan with dual speed switch, easily removable fan filter, positive pressure layout, and the included 80 PLUS Bronze certified 600W power supply. While compact in size at only 14.8 liters, the SG08 is still capable of accepting a healthy selection of full size components. Even the longest consumer graphics cards that are up to 12.2 inches can fit. This extraordinary capacity, along with the cooling power provided by the built-in AP181 fan, makes the SG08, along with SG07, the ultimate Mini-ITX chassis.