Enermax Fulmo GT Full PC Tower

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Introduction to the Enermax Fulmo GT Full PC Case

Today, we will be taking a look at a case that has been making its round on the forums. A case that is huge in size and fruitful when it comes to features. The new case is the Fulmo GT from Enermax. Many of us may only know Enermax for producing power supplies, but that is far from all they do. Enermax is currently dabbling in cooling, input devices and storage enclosures. But power supplies still pays the bills.

The new Fulmo GT is a case that only a few of us would need as the size of it is for those that have certain goals in mind. Goals like a file server, supporting a system using a HPTX motherboard, water-cooling or all of the above. For those looking for something smaller take a look at the smaller Fulmo and Fulmo Advance.

We will be taking a look at the Fulmo GT from the eye of the water-cooling system builder. Reason being is the Fulmo GT offers so much room for such a system. It is not often you can find a tower that can support dual loops without having to mod or having to big with extra large expensive cube cases from case makers like CaseLab, Lian Li and Mountain Mod. We are not saying the Fulmo GT is small but its total area spans up and down and not up and down and left and right taking up more space and looking like a small refrigerator.