Corsair Carbide Series 500R Mid Tower Case

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Introduction to the Corsair Carbide Series 500R Mid Tower Case

Corsair has had the best success the previous few years with the revival of the Obsidian line of cases. There isn’t a single Water-Cooled thread on a major forum without atleast one 800D in the fold. The case was honestly one of the best solutions for water-cooling. Even though we did not get a chance to review one, I read just about every review on the case that I felt like I knew personally inside and out.

Corsair may have another case on their hands that one could call water-cooler’s dream as well as being air-cooled friendly. The case is the Carbide 500R. One of the advantages the 500R has over the 800D is that it can be had for around $120 and comes in black or white. We were fortunate to get the handsome white model from Corsair.

Corsair's take on the 500R

Want even more outrageous cooling flexibility? Step up to the 500R. It adds a 200mm fan mounted on the side panel’s mesh screen for extra GPU cooling, a multi-channel fan controller, and removable and relocatable hard drive cages. The ability to move and remove hard drive cages not only improves airflow — it also allows you to install graphics cards of up to 452mm in length.