Silverstone Temjin TJ-04E PC Tower

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Introduction Silverstone Temjin TJ-04E PC Tower

We at Pro-Clockers love the opportunity to review a new product from Silverstone. And especially when that product is from the Temjin family which we here have titled it the elegant series. Granted that today's item is only the second of the family we have reviewed but we appreciate the opportunity nonetheless.  The Temjin family is comprised of cases ranging in size from mATX to full ATX, Silverstone realized that different people want different size towers but they do have one thing in common and that is elegance.

Our sample today is the TJ-04E which is more than just a re-visit of an older model case. Yes, there is an older version of this case called the TJ-04 that Silverstone produced almost ten years ago. They decided to take one their better selling cases and add some unique touches to. The unique features may not be totally visual from the outside the case but they are there.

The TJ04E from the outside does look a little simplistic but that is part of the elegant sleek look that we have seen not only from Silverstone but other manufacturers as well. The thick aluminum front panel and completely square corners is just part of it. There is the addition of 2.5” and 3.5” drive capacity increase which is unreal for a mid-tower. And users of longer video cards will not have to remove HDD cages like in many of the other cases on the market. So, you can have your file server and gaming rig all in one case.

Silverstone’s take on the TJ-04E

Introduced in 2004, the TJ04 has been a main stable of SilverStone’s prestigious Temjin series of tower chassis. Its excellent original design needed only a few minor tweaks and improvements over the years to keep up with the demands of modern PC hardware. An important equation in keeping the TJ04 a popular choice among system builders was its understated and classic styling. So in designing the TJ04-E (Evolution), SilverStone engineers kept the exterior styling largely unchanged while vastly improving the internals.

The power supply is now bottom-mounted with the ability to accommodate up to four 5.25” drives, nine 3.5” hard drives and six SSDs, raising the bar significantly for storage capacity in a mid tower format. In addition to increased storage capacity, the TJ04-E can also install cards up to 17 inches without the need to remove any hard drive cage, a feat usually accomplished in full towers. To make sure the myriad of component can operate effectively, the TJ04-E includes a custom cooling solution to reduce hard drive temperatures and two custom cables with built-in capacitors to facilitate cable management and improve drive stability.

To finish up TJ04-E’s already impressive layout efficiency, design details borrowed from other great SilverStone products such as positive pressure and quick removable filters will enable users to easily maintain consistently high performance for years to come. So it is possible that TJ04-E, like its predecessor, will again be able to outlast many generations of PC builds.