Aerocool StrikeX GT Black Gaming Tower

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Introduction to the Aerocool StrikeX GT Black Gaming Tower

Our great friends at Aerocool have sent us a laundry list of products for us to present to you. It is all a pleasure to review items from Aerocool as they are always interesting visually and full of features. Aerocool may not be as big as some of their competitors but the quality speaks for itself. The cases, front panel controllers and power supplies have always stood the test of time that we have been fortunate to review.

The first item we will be taking a long hard look at today will be the StrikeX GT Black gaming case. The GT stand for gaming tower as you can imagine but how does it stand up to the other gaming towers on the market? Well, we have reviewed several other companies’ towers and we will find out. Looking at StrikeX GT, you can see just where the “X” is within the theme and that is everywhere. We are going to break out the box and take a quick of this new case from Aerocool.

Aerocool’s take on the StrikeX GT

Following the introduction of the Strike-X ST case, the Strike-X GT is here to meet the needs of those who are in need of a high-end case but a lesser appetite for space.

The Strike-X GT offers great flexibility for expansion with excellent cooling ability. With the HDD converters included in this case, user can easily install up to 7x2.5" HDDs or 3.5" HDDs, and furthermore, each converter also acts as a fan bracket for a 12cm fan to be mounted at the opposite side of the HDD to cool the heat that HDD generates. Moreover, the converters can also be mounted vertically to the front of chassis with a 12cm fan installed to draw in cool air to force out the heat to the rear of chassis. If you are concerned with the heat issue in a PC case and yet want to keep the expansion ability, Strike-X GT is the case of your choice.