Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced

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Introduction to the Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced mITX Case

It seems that the world is splitting into two different groups. The first are ones wanting large over-sized cases to house all their components and for future-proofing. And then there are the people looking for small cases that can house a nice gaming or HTPC system as they don’t need a ton of drives or more than one video card.

We see people from the first group looking at cases like the Cooler Master HAF X and other large cases. Yes, these cases offer plenty of territory to build the ultimate rig. But for the second group of people we see companies opening up to really satisfy them. Just recently we have seen several high profile cases released that fall into the small form factor category. Cooler Master has finally released a SFF case to ride beside their Elite 100.

The new case is the Elite 120 Advanced which is a total different animal than the Elite 100. The Elite 100 is more like a vertical HTPC enclosure while the 120 Advanced is a more squared true SFF case. Yes, they are aimed at two different users. The gamer will without a doubt opt for the Elite 120 Advanced as it can hold a full-sized GPU, even two and a standard configuration power supply. We are going to take the Elite 120 Advanced for a spin and see how we like it and see if we will recommend it to the masses.

Cooler Master’s take on the Elite 120 Advanced

The Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced is and ultra-compact case with support for Full Size High-End Desktop components. Other than conventional Mini ITX cases, The Elite 120 Advanced supports more affordable, quiet, efficient and easily available Full Size ATX PSU’s. It can accommodate even the largest Ultra High-End VGAs, a 5.25” optical drive and up to 5 HDDs or SSDs. Thanks to a smart airflow system featuring 3 fans it manages to still keep the system cool and quiet. Topped off with a stylish brushed aluminum front, this is a compact case you don’t want to hide…