SilverStone Precision Series PS07 Case Review

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SilverStone PS07 mATX Case Review



If you haven’t figured it out yet SilverStone makes several cases and each one is slotted in one of eleven series. Take the Temjin series for instance. This line consists of SilverStone’s highest end cases. Made of thick aluminum sheets, smooth and subtle lines and on the most part may cost you a pretty penny. But in this case the buyer knows just what he or she wants and willing to spend the extra funds needed.

Each of the series tower series which would be Redline, Fortress, Kublai, Precision, Raven and the Temjin we just finish talking about consist of cases of various sizes. For instance going back to the Temjin series make up of case ranging from mATX to full. So, no matter your needs they are met.

The Precision series currently has a size range from mATX to mid tower like the PS06 we review last week.  Today, we will be taking a look at the smallest member of the family and that would be the PS07. The mATX form factor is fast becoming a high profile trend. The explosion of high overclocking motherboards and solid state drives which requires much less space has helped to drive the sales of the small cases. And couple this with the ability to use today’s larger high powered graphic cards; you really can’t go wrong with one of the little enclosures and that includes the PS07.

SilverStone’s take on the PS07

As the first chassis in the Precision series designed for Micro ATX motherboards, the PS07 has a great balance between size and functionality. It utilizes SilverStone’s vaulted positive pressure design with easily removable filters on both the fans and the power supply to prevent dust buildup. Two front mounted 120mm fans can provide capable cooling for a complete build fully loaded with drives and components. To keep the noise profile low, an independent compartment with isolated intake vent for the power supply was implemented to keep PSU operating at optimal temperature. User-friendly touches such as removable motherboard tray and top lid make installation in such small chassis a breeze. But an all new backside cable routing design further increases PS07’s ergonomics with room for long power supply cables; thus eliminates the need for short cable kits such as SilverStone’s PP05 and allow users to use any power supplies they wish. For those interested in storage flexibility, PS07’s ability to accommodate one 2.5” and six 3.5” hard drives are greatly appreciated as well. Using an elegant front panel combined with aluminum accent makes PS07 at home in any environment with a clean, hidden side intake helping to minimize and direct noise away from users. If there is a need for a relatively small, understated, quiet, and advanced PC, the PS07 is a perfect choice.