Corsair Carbide 200R Mid-Tower

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Corsair Carbide 200R Mid-Tower Review



When Corsair came to market with the Obsidian Series 800D after reading all the reviews I thought it was one of the greatest cases on the planet Earth. But the thing about it I could never afford one. And at that point I thought Corsair would put out a case at the price point I would be able to jump on. But hold up…wait. There was the introduction of the Graphite series, another great delight from Corsair. These cases where definitely priced where I can walk into my favorite PC store and pick up one. My main PC was housed in the 600T for quite some time.

But what about those that are not willing to fork out $160 or so on a case? What does Corsair for them? We have the answer and it comes in the form of the Vengeance and Carbide Series. Priced a little cheaper at $99 to $139, the both lines offer great styling and functionality. I actually replaced my 600T to outfit my rig in the white 500R, which was a Carbide series model.

But if you are not likely to even pass out your hard earned loot for the 300R, 400R or 500R, then what about $60 for a 200R. Yup, just last Wednesday (24th of October) Corsair introduced its lowest price case to date. The 200R offers simple for classy styling and plenty of functionality that is sure to woo those wanting to build on a budget, but want to do it with quality.

Corsair’s take on the 200R

Less work. More play. Build with the Carbide Series 200R and the only time you’ll need to pick up a screwdriver is to install the motherboard. The side panels and expansion slots use thumbscrews, and SSD, hard drive and optical drive installation are all tool-free. Cutouts for cable routing and CPU cooling make builds and upgrades neat and simple.

Carbide Series 200R is compact, but it’s designed to let you build high-performance systems with massive storage, extra graphics performance, and superior cooling and ventilation. You get seven PCI-E slots, and you can install up to four hard drives and four SSDs at once. Eight fan mounting points let you expand your cooling system to match your high-performance components.

The mid-tower form factor combines room for expandability and out-of-the-way exterior dimensions. USB 3.0, headphone and microphone ports are right up front, and the front intake dust filter helps keep the interior clean.