Corsair Carbide 200R Mid-Tower

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Closer look at the exterior

If you are looking for a case be inconspicuous allowing not too much attention to be drawn to it than the Carbide 200R just maybe what the doctor ordered. Not saying the 200R is not visually appealing…quite the opposite. It’s a good looking case but very subtle…no flash whatsoever. As of now the case comes in only black which is the color inside and out. The case obviously fits into the mid-tower category and that can be backed by its overall size. The case stands 19.29” tall and sits just 22.05” deep with a width of just 10.63”.

One of the first things one will notice about the 200R is that it doesn’t use the typical mesh front like many of the other cases on the market including other within the Carbide series. The entire front looks like one solid piece but it is not at the upper half consist of three optical drive bays the bay covers must be removed from the inside. Air is not cycled into the case directly from the front but from areas aligning the sides of the case.

Above the topmost drive bay is the I/O area consist of dual USB 3.0 ports and the typical dual audio plugs. And a large rectangle-shaped power switch and smaller reset button.

As of now there are no windows on the 200R. Companies like Corsair like to offer an upgrade model to add the window or offer an optional side panel through their online store. No word if that is the case with the 200R. If you want add ventilation you can mount additional 120/140mm directly to the side panel.

 There isn’t much to talk about when it comes to the right side panel.

The top of the case is well vented and has placement locations for dual fans measuring 120mm or 140mm. One could opt to throw in one of the many all-in-one water-cooling kits Corsair offers. Corsair makes sure that vibration is eliminated from the equation as rubber grommets are provided.

The 200R places the PSU on the bottom of the case like so many nowadays. A removable and washable filter is used to help keep the PSU free of dust. And there is also room for yet another 120/140mm intake fan.

The rear of the 200R carries the typical layout for a mid-tower. But we love how Corsair used vented slot covers for the expansion slots.