Corsair Carbide 200R Mid-Tower

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Corsair did an outstanding job with the Carbide 200R. It isn’t that often that you are grace with so many extras in a $60 PC tower. There are many cases in this price range to choose from and most of the time it comes down to features, looks, ease to build or simply company rep. and with the 200R you get all that plus some.

The Carbide 200R doesn’t have that out-of-the-way gaming styling nor does it have all the bling that many companies try to all to a cheaper priced case to get it to sale to the masses. The 200R is very simple and down-to-earth. Visually speaking. The subtle looks can be liked by many and can fit the needs of more than just one type of PC user. Need a gaming rig? You can achieve it with the 200R. Need a new system for the office? You can build it with the 200R. Need a system for the wife so she doesn’t occupy time on yours? Get a 200R.

The 200R isn’t going to get you a HDD dock or hot-swap racks. It’s not going to give you any fancy fan controllers or crazy lighting. But the 200R is a full-featured case as it comes with all the essentials needed to assembly a nice system. Rubber grommets for fans, even ones not included. Every space for fans to create a mini tornado inside the box it seems. Everything is tool-less except the installation of the motherboard. Installing of any drive-type is a breeze and only takes a second. The list continues with dual USB 3.0 ports upfront, dust filters and even vented slot covers.

We can go on and on about what we like about the Carbide 200R but we figured we would stop it here and make you read the body of the article and not just the conclusion to find out what the case has to offer. We are praising this little case for all the things it has to offer but there are some minor things we saw that would improve the case as well. For one we felt there was very little room in the top of the case if you elect to install a rad thicker or wider than the ones Corsair use on their own AIO kits. So, if you want to use a 140-type there is little room between the top of the case and the motherboard. Same thing applies if the rad is thick.

We would like to thank Corsair for sending over the Carbide 200R for us to take a look at. We are awarding it the two awards here today.

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