Cooler Master HAF XB

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Closer look at the interior

Removing the top panel from the XB allows access to the top half of the XB. This is where all you can get to the space where the motherboard would be. It is wide enough open that you will not need to remove the side panels to build this part of the system.

We removed the motherboard tray to give you a better view of it. There is a pretty large opening for the CPU cooler. You can see there are no openings for routing cables. That is because this side of the case is wide enough for cables to pass through.

Here is a visual of the two 120mm CM fans installed into the front of the case. The fans are 1800 RPM has a dBA level of 21.

Inside view of the side panels.

XB’s rear section.

All panels removed we can see just how open the case really is.

With the motherboard tray removed we see where the PSU and drives would be housed. A rubber gasket is used to keep the PSU from vibrating the rest of the case.

The XB is designed to support a total of six 3.5” drives using the X-Dock and this HDD cage on the left side of the case. This cage can also hold four 2.5” drives with aid of plastic brackets that comes with the case. Optical drives are secured to the case using the plastic mechanisms shown here.

 The rear of the X-Dock cage.