Cooler Master HAF XB

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The Cooler Master HAF XB is a prime example of getting two products for the price of one.  It can make for the perfect gaming chassis or it can be opened up to become the ideal test bench station. The purchaser is the one who has to decide what the better solution is for them.

Using it for a gaming rig you can house everything you could possibly want including triple GPU setups, fast storage media as well as a nice large and powerful power supply. granted many are not looking to use a desktop-style tower for a gaming machine but I can see a case like the XB changing that trend.

For after during this actual review I replaced my regular test bench platform with the XB. And to be honest I don’t plan on changing back. The XB serves every purchase I use a test bench for. I can easily change out motherboards, CPU coolers, drives and everything else in the matter of minutes. And plus it takes up a lot less room than my original test bench.

I like the fact the motherboard tray is removable but I like better that it serves as a border separating the heating building components from the rest of the build. The X-Dock is great when you need easy and quick data access for 3.5” drives. And there is plenty of locations to add additional fans if you need the cooling.

 If you are LAN gamer and isn’t into all these tiny ITX cases that are popping up, the XB is a great chance. You can have a full-fledge rig that can be easily carried from one party to the next using the built-in metal enforced handles. CM ready did plan this case out well.

With the XB you will have to sacrifice some space on your desktop because it is going to take up its share. If I was using it as an everyday rig case I would have to decide between my Canon MX882 multi-function printer and this case. Reason being they both take up quite a bit of territory.

The HAF XB is already showing up on some online retailer site at the MSRP of $99.99. I believe this is a great price for the case as it offered a lot for a little.

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