Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Quiet PC Tower Review

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Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Quiet PC Tower Review



A few weeks ago, Andy from Nanoxia contacted us. In his email he gave us a brief description of his company and some details about one of their most prized products. One statement that he made within that email was you may have never heard of us. Well, he was wrong as we are very familiar with their cooling fans, along with many others around the world.

The item that Andy made the big deal about in his email was for the Dead Silence 1 aka DS1. The DS1 has not made it to the US yet, but there have been many reviews from US-based sites about the case. We are going to add to that growing list. The DS1 is a great looking case but in this instance it isn’t all about the looks, as this DS1 offers a ton of features and options that would make one want to opt for this one in their next purchase, or even replace their current.

Nanoxia’s take on the Deep Silence 1

Years ago, with the launch of the legendary Nano-Bearing fans, we dedicated ourselves to the development of innovative, high-quality must-have products. With the launch of the Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 PC Case this development now finds its logical evolution.

In accordance with current requirements, this innovative tower - as the foundation for a whole new line of future products - offers the perfect symbiosis of ideal system cooling and sensationally low noise levels – especially for the use of high-end PC-systems.

Exquisite looks and timeless elegance characterize the appearance – the
Deep Silence 1 is deliberately simple in design. Common controls were inconspicuously integrated into the exterior surface, maintaining the linear design flow.
The high performance demands on a case of superior quality have been taken into account with the Nanoxia Deep Silence 1.