Silverstone Sugo SG09 Small Form Factor Tower & PA01 Sugo Pack Review

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Silverstone Sugo Series SG09 Small Form Factor Tower Review



You can probably name out several companies that produce quality small form factor [SFF] PC enclosures and, chances are, Silverstone would be the first to exit your mouth. Silverstone have been at it for a very long time and their representation far exceeds many others that could be mentioned in such a conversation. Their 'Sugo' series consist of ten enclosures (not counting the models with simply a PSU added) which are graceful, generally simplistic, and very stylish.

Silverstone's SG09 is the tenth and latest addition to their Sugo line of SFF cases and is the unit that we will be reviewing here today. The SG09 takes a different approach than the very popular SG05, SG07 and SG08, as it is much more rectangular than the squarish nature of the others. Or when compared to their SG03 and SG04, which are taller towers and have aluminum front panels, the SG09 is made of plastic. However, we are not going to let any of this get in the way of reviewing this sweet looking case.

Silverstone’s take on the SG09

How much performance and components can you reasonably fit in a 23 liter enclosure? That was the question SilverStone engineers asked themselves when designing the ninth edition of SilverStone’s Sugo series chassis. In a very limited space of 23 liters, which SilverStone defined as the limit for classifying a chassis as small form factor or SFF, the Sugo SG09 achieved performance never before seen for a computer chassis of this size. By slightly reducing storage capacity via relocation to motherboard backside mounting, the SG09 can accommodate two 13.3 inches long graphic cards with handles (longest under PCI-Express specification) with cooling provided by four fan slots. Having the power supply location moved away from above the CPU area has also increased CPU cooler’s height limit to 165mm, which is sufficient for nearly all tower CPU coolers on the market.

Designing a 23 liter chassis that can fit high-end components and cool well requires rethinking of layout that is substantially different from traditional chassis. Even experienced computer builders are recommended to take a closer look at the included instruction manual as it contains valuable information on how to build with the SG09. Although limited in space, good cable routing is still possible by using SilverStone’s PP05 short cable kit in conjunction with the mandatory cable routing design. For those looking to challenge their own PC building skills in return for a superbly packaged machine that has uncompromised performance and is portable, the Sugo SG09 is the one to get.