Silverstone Sugo SG09 Small Form Factor Tower & PA01 Sugo Pack Review

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Closer look at the exterior

Silverstone is one to leverage the exterior volume of a case specification. They pride themselves on having some of the smallest SFF cases on the market when it comes to usable internal surface area and we have seen this time and time again. The SG09 has a total volume of 23 liters which is smaller than the likes of BitFenix Prodigy and other popular cases.

As of right now the SG09 only comes in black and that is no doubt fine by most of you, given many of the components that are available on the shelves to build a rig are also black.

Looking at the front fascia of the SG09 you would think that it is made of aluminum, but in fact it is actually plastic with a rather convincing look of brushed aluminum. Even with the case consisting of plastic, to us anyway it is still a real looker.

A majority of the upper half of the case is a vented opening. This opening is not for a standard case fan but that of the power supply. That's right the PSU is located in the front portion of the case. The grill covering this location is removable for easy cleaning. Above this, along the top edge, is a single slot for a slim-line optical drive. Some may not be a fan of this but if you think about it, a standard optical drive is quite sizable so eliminating a 5.25” bay decreases the overall size of the case. Which, honestly, how many of us actually use an optical drive today, considering how cheap a USB3 8GB drive can be had for. [Editor's Note: I concur, seeing as you can now install an OS from a thumb drive and that's about the only reason I've had any need for an optical drive. Granted, if you are not someone who also has a laptop that you can use to burn discs with then you'd probably want one, but if OS installs are really the only thing then you'll have far quicker data transfer off a USB3 driver compared to a DVD disc.]

For the front panel IO connections there are two USB 3.0 ports, as well as the standard audio jacks.

Turning the case to the left side we can see a lot of ventilation openings. The upper vent is to allow the heat built up by the PSU to exhaust. The lower opening is for fan placement. The largest spot houses a 120mm Air Penetrator fan operating at 1200 RPM @ 22 dBA. 80mm and 92mm fans can occupy the other spaces. There is also a removable dust filter panel that spans all three fan openings.

Here we have the right side panel with its lone vented spot.

The rear of the SG09 looks very typical of the standard mATX case from afar.

At the top of the case we have a tiny slider-switch to control the speed of the fan located on the top of the case. To the right of that is the PSU's remotely located power plug, since it is mounted at the front of the case remember.

To further improve the airflow in this smaller case Silverstone have utilized vented expansion slot covers and a 120mm case fan.

Here is a look at the top of the case. Removing the filter you can see the 180mm Air Penetrator fan which operates at 700-1200 RPM. (This brings the total number of fans the case ships with to three, for those of you keeping track.) If you notice the fan is used as an intake and not exhaust like all other fans when mounted in the top of the case. This allows the components of the system to run cooler as air is blown over them.

A look at that bottom of the case.