Silverstone Sugo SG09 Small Form Factor Tower & PA01 Sugo Pack Review

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Closer look at the interior

A twist to the SG09 is the accessibility to the inside. After removing four thumbscrews the outer shell separate in two pieces [reminds me of the old single-piece case shells from seemingly "ancient" times! -Editor]. The larger main piece is little more than an SECC sheet of metal bent to shape with vent holes, while the smaller panel is used to mount the side fans and provide easy access to just the expansion slots and HDD/SDD mounting.

With all the sides removed the inside is about as open as you can get with a case this small. Even though there is no removable trays we still found it easy to work with for the most part.

If you were to remove the HDD plate behind the motherboard tray you will see that the cut-out for the CPU cooler backplate is pretty large. As far as routing cables from the PSU goes, there is a small area along the back panel mainly for the hard drives, as well as a larger open area that the PSU's mounting cage overhangs.


Speaking of the PSU cage it is located upfront and turned vertically. This gives the user plenty of room to work it. What I like about it being in this location is that in some other cases of this size the PSU is located in front of the motherboard, which then really limits the size of CPU cooler you can squeeze in; however, the SG09 is absent of this shortcoming. The PSU cage supports power supplies up to 7 inches long, though they recommend ones that come in under 6.4 inches. Should you decide to go with the SG09 then Silverstone's own Strider line of PSUs come in well under that recommended length (with most models being fully-modular), but otherwise are offered up to 1200W in the 7" length. Which if you do opt for a Strider unit then their PP05 short cable accessory kit is a must.

Below we have a shot of the 120mm rear fan and the 180mm Air Penetrator fan we talked about earlier.

The rear of the case is about as ventilated as you can get.

A trend that we are seeing with many manufacturers is using rails, plates and other mechanisms for mounting storage drives. In the case of the SG09, a metal plate and four plastic brackets are used for this purpose. The metal plate will hold two mechanical drives while the plastic ones will house four 2.5” drives.

Remember that lone vented area on the right side panel? It is for the optional 80mm fan location on the motherboard tray.