Silverstone Sugo SG09 Small Form Factor Tower & PA01 Sugo Pack Review

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There are a number of things to like about the Silverstone SG09 case and the big one is its size. We have reviewed several cases in the pass that are meant to serve as an enclosure for a mATX motherboard, but we have not yet reviewed one that is the size of an ITX case. That is right; the SG09 is large enough to hold a multi-GPU capable motherboard but is similar in size or smaller than some enthusiasts ITX cases.

With the case being the size it is you would think it would be pain to work on. Wrong. We had very little, actually close to none during the buildup of this case. If we have to pin-point one it would be that the motherboard had (barely) scraped the size of the PSU cage while putting it into place. Otherwise there were no problems with mounting the rest of the components like the drives, as they simply attach to the back of the motherboard tray for easy assembly.

If someone is looking to build a rig using a case like this chances are they are not looking to stuff it with a lot of hard drives. If you need a lot of data storage a couple of 3TB drives would fit nicely on the back of the motherboard. Into multi-drive RAID setups? Four SSDs can be utilized.

With the power supply mounted at the top-front of the case you can have your pick of air CPU coolers and video cards. It is hard to imagine a case of this size allowing you to overclock and frag with the best of them without restrictions.

Now we hit on the not so pleasant. If you want to add in an optical drive it would have to be a slim-line slot model as this is the only type of drive the SG09 supports. And this will add to the overall cost of the case as these types of drives are not cheap in retail shops. Many will frown since there is no 5.25” bay but this adds to the size of the case. [Editor's Note: I don't usually pop into the conclusions but I feel it worth mentioning that you could always get a USB optical drive or enclosure, as well as the option for using an eSATA to connect an optical drive to. Otherwise some laptop models may work if they have a normal SATA so eBay would be a place to look.]

Silverstone is known for their simplistic elegance and their use of aluminum. The SG09 lacks these two aspects. Granted, the case is not an eyesore by any means, just lacks the styling of many of the other Sugo series cases. Recently at CES we had seen coverage of an SG10 that will solve this, if you are not a fan of the SG09. Hopefully we will get a chance to bring it to you.

The SG09 sells for about $99 at retail dealers.

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