NZXT Phantom 630 Modular Ultra Case

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NZXT Phantom 630 Modular Ultra Case



When one talked about NZXT chances are the first that comes to mind is the Phantom series of cases which would include the 410 and the 820. Two cases that took the world by storm with their good looks and wide-range of customization. The 820 in particular is often the subject of water-cooling build logs and case mods as it was large enough and clean enough to show off all the components in the rig.

Now, there is a sibling to the two cases mentioned and that is the new Phantom 630. The Phantom is not your typical Phantom series case as it was re-designed from the ground up. NZXT task with the 630 was to offer the enthusiast all the comforts one would need in a great case. And looking at it there are features and tweaks that you wouldn’t even realize that are there.

NZXT’s take on the Phantom 630

Allow us to introduce you to the future.  Presenting the NZXT Phantom 630 – the beginning of a new era of chassis design. 

The original Phantom was, in every aspect, undisputed in its design. Bold, striking and timeless. With the Phantom 820, NZXT broke new ground and raised the bar for an entire industry. Now, the design of the Phantom 630 achieves this again while fully satisfying the high demands of those who take computing seriously. 

The new Phantom 630 brings support for cutting edge features such as simultaneous support for a 3x120 radiator, a 2x120 radiator and all hard drive bays, interchangeable fully-modular HDD cages, pivoting fan mount, and a single 30-watt controller with four high endurance fans included. Naturally, all other features you expect from a high performance NZXT chassis are in. The Phantom 630 breaks tradition and moves you forward in every way.