NZXT Phantom 630 Modular Ultra Case

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Closer look at the exterior

If you are looking to score a new phantom 630 for yourself you have to choices of white, black and our review sample, gun metal. These are the same colors the 820 came in as well. The smaller 410 came in white, red and black along with four special edition colors.

The Phantom 630 stands 24.6 inches tall, almost an inches shorter than the 820 and four inches taller than the 410. The rest of the dimensions are 23.6” deep and 9.6” wide. That about 3.22 cubic feet or 92.1 liters totaling in weight of 27 pounds.

 Looking at the Phantom 630 from the front you can see that it has more than its share of plastic. The use of plastic has some in an uproar but what could you aspect the cost to manufacture a case like this in aluminum would be costly.

A small door that takes up about a half of the front panel opens to the right revealing four optical drive bays. The door is held secure using a small magnetic. The bay covers are easily removed from the rest of the case without having to enter the tower by utilizing small plastic locks located on the left end of the cover.

Just above the drive bays is a reader of SD/SDHC flash memory. Great feature as the secure digital card is by the most used of flash memory. If you need a reader of the various other cards NZXT does offer the Aperture M. The only thing with the reader being located here is that you will have to open the door each and every time you want to use it.

The lower half of the front panel is 2/3 mesh and 1/3 plastic. If you look through the mesh you can see a portion of the 200mm fan used for intake. The fan can also be replaced with smaller 120/140mm units.

Turning our attention to the top of the case you can see this is where it gets a bit busier. Looking at the top while lying on the case’s side we have the I/O panel at the top which consist of two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports and the standard audio jacks.

Besides the usual power and reset buttons the Phantom offers a single channel 30 watt fan controller that has three speeds: low, med and high. The rest of the top is a combination of plastic and mesh for air exhaust. There is also a button to shut down any LED lighting as well.

The left side panel consists of two trapezoid designs with one being for a mesh panel and the other a small window.

The right side has a bulge in it to give more room to the case for more area for cables behind the motherboard tray.

The bottom of the case has two large air filters, one of the power supply and the other for whatever you decide to install in the bottom of the case.

The rear of the case is not totally typical of what we have see on the market before. It begins with the fan mounting. The Phantom 630 can house either 120mm or 140mm in its rear and they can be adjusted up or down to allow more room for water-cooling rads or for other reasons.

Ten slots are presented and allow the builder to take full advantage of quad-GPU setups. A line of slots align the right side for extra ventilation.