NZXT Phantom 630 Modular Ultra Case

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Closer look at the interior

Looking at an overall view of the interior of the Phantom, you see that it is very spacious and very modular. This is what NZXT was going for when they built this case. The idea was to offer a case that can house anything you want. This would include large air-coolers, several different radiator locations, a lot of storage drives and a massive amount of fans.

Looking at the motherboard tray you will that plenty is offered in the form of cable management. There are many openings edging the motherboard tray for routing cables to the rear of backside of the case. The tray itself is large enough to accommodate up to the size of XL-ATX.

There is even a tray or rail along the top of the tray for routing cables for your fans. The opening for the CPU cooler is one of the largest we have ever seen.

One of the most interesting things about the Phantom 630 is the HDD cages. They are fully modular and can be moved around to better fit the needs of the builder. In default they are aligned on top of one another under the optical drive cage. The photos below show some of the possible positions for them. Interesting that if you eliminate the tray and move it to a different location you can mount a water-cooling rad in the front of the case and still have full access to the six drives that the cages can hold. Each tray can house a 2.5” drive as well. Another interesting thing about the trays is they exit the chassis from the right side panel and not the left meaning you have to pull that panel as well in order to change drives around.

Need an extra fan location? One is provided on the back of the larger HDD fan.

The optical drive bays are tool-less and use a metal hinge to hold any device in place.

The PSU sits on rubber bumpers to rid the system of possible vibration.

The rear fan comes fitted with a 140mm but can be replaced with a 120mm if needed. All slot covers are vented as well. But we do not understand why there are no thumbscrews for the expansion slot covers.

The top of the case like the front comes with a 200mm pre-installed. And also like the front they is a metal plate capable of holding 120mm or 140mm fans or even a water-cooling rid.

Here we have the backside of the MB tray. There is plenty of room for cables from the power supply to rest. A hub is used to connect all fans to the fan controller.

Even a couple of 2.5” drives can be mounted here is for some reason you don’t want to use the HDD cases.