AZZA Silentium 920 Quiet Case Review

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Closer look at the exterior

Long gone are the beige cases of the world now we have the new standard….black. And throw in an occasional white case you have the two favors that the Silentium comes in. no matter the color the case will stand 18.1” tall, 8.8” wide and sit 19.7” deep.

When it comes to manufacturing a silent case the first thing to go is mesh fronts and this is the case for the Silentium 920. The first of the case consist of three main plastic sheets with one actually being a door. And if you are worried about air intake it is provided by a vent underneath the bottom plastic panel.

The topmost plastic panel which is about the size of an optical drive is a single door that hides one of the larger bays. This keeps you from have to open a larger door unnecessarily.

The panel underneath gain you access for three other optical bays. This panel is aligned with a layer of dampening like most of the case is. A gap between the middle panel and the bottom one is where the power button sits.

Along the right side of the bottom panel is the I/O area which contains a single USB 2.0 and single USB 3.0 ports and the actual audio jacks. The bottom panel does hide an included 120mm fan.

The side panels contain no vented areas but have a huge bulge that expands almost the entire area of the panel. This is not to give the case more space to support cable management but to store the sheets of sound dampening material.

Looking at the rear of the Silentium 920, the layout looks very similar to any other case on the market. The first noticeable here is the bottom-mounted PSU location and the well vented rear panel. The second of two 120mm fans is located in the rear.

The bottom of the case has two vented areas with one covered by a dust filter. The second has no dust filter and you will see why in a few.

The top of the case is very clean.