AZZA Silentium 920 Quiet Case Review

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All around the AZZA Silentium is a good looking case that can be used in many environments that means if you want to utilize it in a professional setting no problem as it blends in pretty well if it’s not-quite-simplistic but enough styling. Want to build a gaming rig and save some space compared to the large full tower, no problem the Silentium 920 can hold you massive GPU as well as an all-in-one cooler.

The Silentium 920 has many of the features that we want in a case like tool-less drive installation, a properly vented outer panels, cable management as well as support for a lot of drives but what really tops this list is the sound dampening. AZZA made a valiant effort at building a quiet solution case and they achieved it. Even the fans in the case were quiet with the case open or close.

The case has plenty of openings in the motherboard tray for routing cables to the rear but once you have secured the cables in place, you will notice that you are only able to secure the side panel back because the sound dampening material is soft and compresses to the shape of the cabling. If this was not the case than there would be hardly any room to achieve popular cable management.

The Silentium also lacks a opening in the motherboard tray above where the CPU would be. This means that you will have to run the EPS cable from the PSU along the top of the case making it more visible.

Newegg is currently selling the AZZA Silentium 920B for $99.99 before taxes.


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