Silverstone Redline Series RL04 Chassis Review

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Silverstone Redline Series RL04 Chassis Review


In today’s economy adjectives like affordable, cheap (price wise), low cost, inexpensive, value and reasonable are all that some want to hear. Add in the following words like quality, well-built and features you have a listing of someone on a budget looking for a good case to house all their PC components.

All the words previously mentioned are just what Silverstone had in mind when they came up with the Redline series of cases. They realized that a person who wants a good inexpensive case should not have to sacrifice quality. The series consist of four cases that are geared towards the budget enthusiast.

Each case is designed to house a full ATX motherboard and most of the longer gaming video cards on the market. The external styling is the Redline chassis is one that resembles the ancient royal times of Europe. The RL02 and RL03 both look like the mask of a knight, while the latest, RL04 looks like that of a jouster.

Silverstone’s take on the RL04

The Redline series was created with the goal of exceeding user experience and expectation for affordable PC chassis by offering punchy styling and features reserved often for more expensive models. The RL04, with its chest armor styled front fascia punctuated by glowing red SilverStone logo that doubles as a power button that will surely raise the adrenaline of PC enthusiasts. Its bottom mounted power supply layout and flexible drive storage options enable it to support a wide selection of components. The top, front, and the bottom side of the RL04 are also fully filtered to ensure that positive pressure setup, a prominent feature in SilverStone’s high-end chassis, is a viable option for creating a dust-proof PC. For enthusiasts looking to build a PC with quality features and styling on a budget, the RL04 is an excellent choice.