Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 Quiet Chassis Review

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Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 Chassis Review


We had the pleasure of reviewing Nanoxia's Deep Silence 1 quiet chassis. It was the perfect case for a company to enter the market on. It has all the features of a case that would cost twice as much. A couple of the features stood out and made the DS1 hard to forget and that would be the pop-up vent on the top of the case as well as the pop-up I/O plate. The styling was simple but classy just the way many of us like our cases to be.

But a company can't survive on just one case; you have to give the people options. And that is just what Nanoxia has done. Enter the Deep Silence 2 aka DS2. The DS1 has much of the styling the DS1 has but Nanoxia has simplified some things to make the case meeker and a little more cost friendly. We will point out many of the differences as we walk through the DS2.

Nanoxia's take on the Deep Silence 2

Now that our Deep Silence 1 case has impressed testers all over the world and was presented with lots of awards, the Deep Silence 2 enters the stage.

Just like with our Deep Silence 1 we put the highest value on a stylish design, coupled with coherent and meaningful features. The Deep Silence 2 meets the expectations of a perfect symbiosis of ideal system cooling and sensationally low noise levels especially for High-End systems