Coolermaster NotePal ErgoStand Laptop Cooler

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Introduction to the Coolermaster NotePal ErgoStand

It seems that today’s society is totally into the smaller laptops and notebooks. The frequency at which net books are selling is a testament to this. We even have a couple in my home, but my first love is my 17” ASUS media laptop. Yes, it is big, heavy; but fast. You cant game on a net book. A little on the aged side, this booger gets warm and gets warm quick.

Even if you do not have such a laptop with these characteristics, it is a good thing to keep your laptop running cool. Even a net book needs a little chill to run its best. We have seen a several coolers from Coolermaster and Choiix. For the smallest laptops, you have the Choiix Air Through Stash and for owners of big boys like mine, there is the NotePal X2 Notebook Cooler which I am using now.

Coolermaster's core components maybe PC cases and cooling, but they have not forgotten about the people who prefer the use of smaller computers. Not ceasing their support, Coolermaster has sent us their latest laptop cooler, the NotePal ErgoStand. This takes the NotePal series to a new level of cooling and comfort. The ErgoStand elevates your laptop to where you and your back are more comfortable and helps to eliminate carpal tunnel. Time to take a look at the new cooler.

Coolermaster take on the NotePal ErgoStand

ErgoStand is the perfect multifunction product that gives your laptop the total cooling solution.

ErgoStand can be used as a notebook stand and/or cooling pad. The adjustable anti-skid holders are compatible for 9"~17" laptops. The 140mm silent fan and full range mesh surface with aerodynamic designed intake provide silent and efficient cooling.