Cogage Arrow CPU Cooler

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Introduction to the Cogage Arrow

For the longest time that I have been doing air-cooling hardware I have always thought that air coolers could not get any better. Especially when I reviewed the Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme aka T.R.U.E. For the longest it was the best cooler we had ever tested. But over a period of time we find that I does it outperformed. Sometimes it was by another Thermalright cooler or a competitor. That does to show that I should not listen to myself sometimes. It seems that air-cooling will continue to develop and get better as time goes on.

As I stated in the above paragraph sometimes it take the maker of the champ to defeat themselves. And that is just what Thermalright has done but under the Cogage name plate.

The Cogage Arrow is large aluminum and copper heat sink that I would like to think of as the Cogage Spirit X2. Like the Spirit the Arrow is a tower design that consist of dual towers and not just one. In this era of air-cooler size and weight are pretty much threw out the door in the name of better performance. The Arrow weighs in at 825 grams or one pound thirteen ounces. And measure just over six inches high from base to last aluminum fin. The design is definitely saying dual fan setup even though it only comes with one. But will the size and weight but Thermalright back at the top of the hill? We will see.