Coolermaster V6 GT CPU Cooler

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Introduction to the Coolermaster V6 GT

When Joe from Coolermaster offered me the chance to review a new cooler I was hesitant as reviewing coolers isn’t the most exciting thing on the planet to do. But when he said it was going to be the unreleased V6 GT how could I turn it down, as the V6 GT was the talk of the forums when Computex was going on. My thought is we can never have enough good coolers on the market.

Coolermaster isn’t a stranger when it comes to releasing quality coolers. We have seen it in the N520 which was a cooler for the budget minded individual, that still had great cooling performance. Then there was the very popular V8, a massive cooler that not only cooled your CPU but had one of the most intriguing fin arrangements we have ever seen.

The V6 GT aesthetically looks very appealing. The cooler follows in the same lines as the V8 and V10 which both were designed with American muscle cars in mind, hence the naming scheme. It uses dual fans, in a push-pull configuration, to tackle the high heat output of even the most overclocked rig. No matter what your taste in processors is, the V6 GT is designed to conquer all the extra voltage you throw into it.

Coolermaster take on the V6 GT

        V6 GT follows in the footsteps of the revolutionary V8 and V10 CPU coolers from Cooler Master. Designed with a muscular engine look, the V6 GT fits nicely with any performance hardware. The V6GT also features new mechanical structure that includes: V-shaped heatpipe array, asymmetrical aluminum fins (which are densely stacked for optimal cooling), two 12 cm silent fans with enhanced airflow, PWM speed control function, and     DynaLoop™ long life bearing technology and snap-on cover to conveniently replace fan if needed.