MUKii CharWise CS Mini Cooling Pad with Speakers

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Introduction to the MUKii CharWise CS Mini Cooling Pad with Speakers

The reason many of us purchased netbooks is because of its small size. When I went to the store with my family to purchase one we knew it was small, but still had enough performance to still accomplish your basic everyday functions. The main reason we got it was for its compact size, lighter weight, but one can't leave out the extended battery life either. When it comes to all the accessories we buy for them they need to have the same convenience factor as well, for instance cooling pads and speakers. Yes, I did say speakers. Most of us are not entirely satisfied with the volume levels that the miniature netbook speakers produce. So that leaves you with headphones, which are not always practical since they can make it so you can hear anyone trying to talk to you, otherwise you are left with external speakers. But we can hear you asking "Who would want a full size speaker system for such a small computer?" Or for that matter who wants to carry speakers of any size around? We have a solution for that, and for the cooling pad as well.

Our friends at MUKii have sent over their CharWise CS Mini Cooling Pad, which also comes equipped with speakers for all of those not happy with their netbook's built-in solutions. So as it cools your system to a safe level, it can provide you with a better way to listen to your favorite tunes at the same time, and at a level that is suitable for others to enjoy if you want.

MUKii take on the CharWise CS Mini

With the growth market of Netbooks (Mini notebook), "CharWise CS-Mini" is specially designed as a easy carrying, light and fashion cooling pad. Moreover, CharWise CS-Mini got special patent designed of stretch speakers, you can easily enjoy all varieties of music and makes it easy to perform 3D sound effects. It is simple to fit any size from 7"~12" of notebooks with 2 efficient fans preventing your notebooks from overheating. Also, MUKii cooling pad with Build-in 2 ports USB 2.0 Hubs adds the convenience of connecting addition peripherals. Patented integrated technology makes CharWise CS-Mini an extraordinary product ever.