Cooler Master SF-19 Laptop Cooler

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Introduction of the Cooler Master SF-19 Gaming Laptop Cooler

Small portables like net books, as well as devices like the Apple iPad, have been the big thing when it comes to personal computing. Their lightweight and in some cases low cost make them very attractive to us. We can’t forget about the long battery life and ease to transport either. These smaller computers definitely do have their place in our lives. Yet as with most things though there is a down side and for devices like this the one thing they do lack is pure power. The power needed to play your video collection or the power to render that 3D model you have been working on for ages. The biggest compliant I have personally with these ways of computing is their inability to play my favorite games. If your favorite game is the Sims then no problem, but if you are into the newest FPS they just don’t cut it.

These are when we turn to desktop computers, or desktop replacement laptops. The latter is fast becoming a popular form of fragging into the wee hours of the night. These types of laptops are usually at least a 17” in size, or bigger depending on how much of a viewable screen you want and how much money you have. Some of the power houses can contain some very impressive hardware like quad core processors and SLi or Crossfire discrete graphics. But again we come back to the downside, and to these laptop monsters it is heat, which my 17” Sony F series puts out its share of. So I could only imagine what a real gaming laptop can produce.

Cooler Master's take on the SF-19

With the latest trend in mobile gaming, extreme gamers continue to seek for high performing gaming notebooks to match the specifications needed to play their game. However, not all laptops are built with adequate thermal solution, even performance laptops from well know companies can overheat, lead to unfavorable in-game lags, and possibly pose permanent hardware damage. CM Storm unveils the SF-19 laptop cooler to solve this problem, crafted to take all laptop performances to the next level.

To protect the gamers’ most fortifiable gear while under massive game play, the SF-19 offers an ultra heat dissipation surface made out of strengthened mesh for all laptop sizes, featuring 2 x 140mm adjustable turbine fans, specially engineered to provide unprecedented airflow and system optimization.

Designed with innovation, SF-19 is equipped with 4 advanced USB 3.0 ports which is future proof for all devices such as high speed hard drives, high performance gaming mouse, headset and peripherals that needs execution of high speed transfer rates.

Styling with the Multi-Light Shader™, the laptop is accompanied with 7 colored light profiles for the ultimate in-game ambience. Geared up to dock all high-end notebooks, the SF-19 fits the best gaming notebooks in the market today. Note: SF-19 even accommodates the widescreen 19" gaming notebooks.  USB 2.0 version is also available.