Zalman CNPS5X-SZ CPU Cooler

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Introduction to the Zalman CNPS5X-SZ CPU Cooler

Many of you that read through the pages here at Pro-Clockers know that overclocking and pushing your equipment to the max isn’t the only reason manufacturers produce these wonderful products we get to review for you. Overclocking is only a very small portion of the DIY computing world, as many simply build their own rig for a stable, cost effective, yet still powerful system. So with that being said, what you'll see on the following pages may not be what one would classify as 'enthusiast grade'. Here at Pro-Clockers we also like to take a look at products that is tuned more for the "standard" PC user, so this next review item may not necessarily get your rig to extreme levels. However, the goal of it is not to achieve that, but be more in line with what that standard user would be interested in purchasing.

Zalman being an innovator of top notch products for a number of years now, such as cases and cooling; lately solid state drives, too. Zalman seems to really taking things to a new level as time goes on, thinking outside the box a little. We will be taking a look at a product from which got Zalman to where it is at today: CPU heatsinks. The CNPS5X-SZ is the latest model cooler from Zalman. Not aimed at getting your newly acquired processor to extreme levels, but to cool the modestly built PC... Ok, a modest PC with a slight overclock. The new CNPS5X heavily resemble past Zalman coolers in design and appearance, but can it cool the processors of today? We will see.